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Precess Kids is a program for children ages 2.5 - 4 years to explore and discover through hands-on, sensory rich, play-based experiences



Precess Kids is a drop-off program for children ages 2.5-4yrs to explore and discover through hands-on, sensory rich, play-based experiences. Recess is a warm and welcoming home base for learning through play, stories, songs, and art. Paired with a state-of-the-art playspace, Precess Kids is all about creating a unique learning environment that sparks physical growth and discovery.

The fundamental goal of our program is to provide a foundation for a love of learning and enrich your child's social and emotional skills. 


Program Details

PreCess Kids begins preparing children for learning in a small nurturing environment (limited to 6 students a day). We offer a perfect balance of free play, process-based activity, and socialization. 

Each morning begins with exploration in Recess' expansive play space. Children have an opportunity to climb, slide, swing, and run or they may get started more slowly with trains, reading and puzzles.  This open ended time is a great way to transition from home to "school."  Many families use Precess to ease into a drop-off program in a familiar & fun setting.  The child-directed nature of the beginning of the day can really help to make that a success!

As each morning progresses, we have circle time, snack and free choice activities. Children enjoy songs, classmate collaboration, and even potty practice (for those who are not working on it), which are all incorporated into each day.  Throughout the week, daily enrichment activities vary from Cooking, to Tumbling, to Art and Gardening.  We look forward to engaging your child in these fun and varied experiences and new learning! 

About The Instructor:  Teacher Nicki

Nicki began working with infants and toddlers running a nursery in 1996 and went on to earn a degree in early child education and work in Montessori and play-based environments. She has been part of Rocky Mountain Preschool for 9 years and directed Slippery Fish for a year and a half while simultaneously teaching tumbling to toddlers at Recess. Big on brain development and movement, Nicki believes in respecting children, making sure they always feel cared for and heard, and most of all having an amazing time.


Choose up to 3 classes per week. Class is available 8:30am - 11:30am M, T, Th, & F and 3pm-6pm M, Th.  Advanced Sign-Ups Required

  • Summer Session 1: Jun 5 - 30
  • Summer Session 2: Jul 10 - Aug 4
  • Summer Session 3: Aug 7 - Sept 1
  • Fall Session: Sept 5 - Nov 10
    Enrollment for Fall opens Tuesday August 1st
  • Winter Session: Nov 13 - Feb 16
    Enrollment for Winter opens Thursday August 31st

Cost: $65/class, $60/class if you enroll in full series!
(Series enrollment pro-rated for remaining classes. Recess Members save up to 25%. Class includes use of playspace that day!)