Play produces well-wired minds.

When children engage in active play they benefit physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.  
When parents connect, they have support, space and humor required to raise kids in an urban environment.

Recess has designed the space for this growth and community to flourish.  Come play!

Playspace for Crawlers

A separate space for crawlers and new walkers

Give your little one the freedom to explore in a safe & clean environment. Our playspace for Crawlers and New Walkers is optimized for safety and engagement. A gate keeps young children physically safe, our cleaning practices keep them healthy, and a wide variety of playthings (including other children) stimulate learning. Baby Play, Mini Sensory Lab, and Recess' moderated Playgroups add to your experience. 


Playspace for Kids

expansive playspace for walkers and runners

Our main playspace has been carefully designed to engage different age groups through child-directed, open ended play. Recess is home to the largest indoor play space. You have to see it for yourself. It's designed to support the development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers so you don't have to do all the research. There is space to cozy up with a book, run on an elevated loft, swing, cook up a meal, or build a city. 


Become a Member and get unlimited access to play, the community and activities.

“Each time I bring my one year twins to Recess, I see them develop more and more. The space invites them to play, but I’m most impressed with the skills they come away with after spending time there. I’m a former elementary school teacher and appreciate developmentally appropriate activities Recess offers to babies, toddlers and kids.”

- Mom of 1-year old twins

Free Playspace Activities for Members and Visitors

Our rotating menu of Playspace Activities is designed to support a child's learning in a developmentally appropriate way. Families can drop in to our sensory lab to dig, squish and swirl. Plan your visit around a music activity if your little one likes to boogie.  The idea is that you can participate if the mood strikes, or skip it if your child is drawn to the train table that day.  Let your kiddo lead!  

Fall: September 11 - November 10. Reserve a pass to participate! 


Sensory Lab

1 - 4 years:  Tues @ 4pm, thurs @ 4:45pm, Fri @ 10:30 Weekends @ 11am

9 - 18 months: thurs @ 2pm 

Very young children are ready and willing to discover the world through tasting, smelling, hearing, touching, and seeing.

Recess' Sensory Lab is available to support this important developmental activity during designated times daily. Children move through the various stations to explore a rotating set of activities which include play dough, gak, paint, water, light and more.  We even have recipes on hand so you can replicate the fun at home!

Music Time

all ages: Mon @ 5pm, Tues @ 10:30, 1x/mo Sat @ 10am

Music time includes a mixture of sing-a-longs, new songs to learn and enjoy, opportunities to dance, get up and stretch, and shake an instrument or two. 

Story Time

All Ages: Tues @ 12pm, Sun @ 9am

Storytime encompasses reading, sing a longs, and instrument play for all ages. Hear classically loved stories, new books, and even books from our bimonthly rotation from BookTree!


Garden Play

1-4 Years: Fri @ 12:30pm (weather permitting)

An outdoor area gives children a unique opportunity to play with water, bubbles and nature as they experience the world around them.  Check out our garden space during this special time and enjoy the fresh air (in a contained area!) water a plant, play in the sand box, or explore one of our rotating activities with your child.

Baby Play

 0 - 10 months: Mon @ 3:30pm

Join us for a casual meet-up in our pre-walker area to learn about developmentally appropriate toys, read a book, sing a song, and connect with other new parents.  Here you will learn some activities to carry on doing at home throughout the week, and build community.


Big Block Play

1-4 years: fri @ 4:30pm

Building with blocks provides one of the most valuable learning experiences available for young children. Big Block Play in the Sensory Lab on Fridays is a great opportunity to explore even more -- legos, blocks, and other stackables are on hand.  Building, teetering and knocking over are all part of the learning!


Moderated Playgroup

all ages: Fri 3:30-5:30pm, 1x/mo Sat @ 10am 

Family life these days means being on the go and trying to do it all without enough time or enough support. Remember that you are not alone.  Recess’ playgroups were created as a way to connect and get support in one fell swoop. Drop and get answers to your questions about sleep, play, development and sharing from our resident Early Child Development Expert, Amanda Hyer.


Morning Ukulele Concert

All Ages: Thurs @ 10:30am

Join us for a weekly concert in the Recess playspace, with our friend Uni (& her Ukulele!). Uni plays an exciting variety of popular music, kid's classics, and sing alongs for the whole family! Listen and enjoy her performance all while getting to play and explore our expansive playspace. 


JAMboodas Dance Party

All ages: 1x/mo Mon @ 11am

Join award-winning family musician and teaching artist Charity Kahn (of Charity and the JAMband) the 2nd Monday of each month for a highly interactive, joyful, playful and completely unique music class that will inspire your children (and you!) to sing, dance, stretch, breathe and imagine.


Additional Member benefits

  • In-a-Pinch Childcare.  Member families have access to drop off childcare, up to 4 hrs/week or 2.5 hrs a day, for children 3 months through 4 years old.  Go to the doctor, grab lunch with a friend, hop on a conference call or head out for a run.  This is great for families who need last minute coverage or just the occasional sitter.
  • Monthly Member Only Events.  
  • Discounts!  Our retail area, kids classes, birthday parties and fitness classes are all discounted for Recess Members.

Not a Member?

No problem! We offer Morning, Afternoon and Full Day Passes for Visitors.  

And if you join on the same day as your day pass, we'll apply the fee toward your membership.

Looking for a quieter, less stimulating environment?  

We have tools on hand to help kids with various disabilities play alongside their peers.  Autism and sensory integration disorder can make it tough to be in a playspace like ours.  If this describes your child, please check out our Sensory Friendly Play Days.