From Music to Cooking to Messy Art, we've got a class to spark your child's interest.

Check out all of our great classes for infants through 4 year olds.  There are classes to do together, some designed to begin to develop independence, and even a 3-day a week drop off camp!  


Spring Session: April 3rd - June 2nd.
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Morning Ukulele Concert

all ages (0-4 yrs) 

thursdays 11-noon

Join us for a weekly concert in the Recess playspace, with our friend Uni (& her Ukulele!). Uni plays an exciting variety of popular music, kid's classics, and sing alongs for the whole family!


Jamboodas Dance Party

all ages (0-4 yrs)

2nd monday of each month

Join award-winning family musician Charity Kahn for a highly interactive, joyful, playful and unique music class that will inspire your children (and you!) to sing, dance, stretch, breathe and imagine.


Music Time with Carissa

all ages (0-4 yrs) 

Mondays at 10:30AM and saturdays (monthly) at 10AM

Join us for music time in the playspace! Each week, we'll sing along to our favorite tunes, learn new songs, and play hand instruments like drums, shakers, and more! We'll even get up to move and dance

Mini Messy Art w/ Allie

9-18 months

mondays at noon

Introduce your little one to the world of art with our adorable Mini art class! Check out new ways to squish, splatter, spray, and smear different textures and mediums in this sensory exploration.


Circle of Babies Playgroup

0-12 months, fridays at 2pm

Join Infant Mental Health specialist and mommy Allie for a weekly playgroup to connect with other parents, experience new toys, songs, and activities developmentally appropriate for baby


Family Yoga

crawling - 24 months

saturdays (monthly) 10 - 10:30 AM

Let the seeds of yoga grow with developmentally appropriate movement, song and play for young movers (crawling and walking). This could be the cutest class you will ever see and do together!


Toddler Chefs

18-36 months

Mondays 9:30 AM

Come experience how much your tiny tot can actually do in the kitchen. Help them develop Independence and self-confidence. 

Tumbling Toddlers: drop-off class!

18-48 months

Thursdays 3:30PM

This class will get toddlers moving! We'll dance, engage in dramatic play and get our bodies warmed up.  Water and cool-down storytime included.


Junior Chefs: A drop-off class!

2-4 years

Mondays 4:30pm

Drop your little one off for an hour of cooking! Chefs will hone both their palates and fine motor skills as they chop, mix and measure, creating a new dish to enjoy each week. Chefs will also learn table manners and basic kitchen safety, all while helping to prepare healthy, balanced and delicious snacks and dishes.

Art Explorations

18-36 months

thursdays 10:15am

Join us in a class where your child will paint, print, squish, collage, draw, splatter, and build with loose parts! In this process focused class, your toddler will be invited to openly explore a wide variety of art mediums to create beautiful works influenced by well known children's books, songs, and rhymes. Best of all, we'll take care of the clean up!


PreCess Kids!

2 1/2 - 4 years

AM and PM sessions m, t, th & F

PreCess Kids begins preparing children for preschool through teacher-led enrichment activities, classmate collaboration, potty practice, snack time, and more! 


1 - 4 years

Monthly, see schedule

Crafternoons are a fun opportunity to do a craft for a holiday coming up (Thanksgiving, Mother's Day) or just a fun theme for the month (making playdough, sensory bottles)


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