Our classes are designed to serve all levels of fitness.

Grown-ups need Recess too!  Exercise reduces stress, shrinks waist lines and helps to maintain sanity.  Whether you are just starting out or have been active for years, our instructors will provide options suitable to your needs.

Childcare available by appointment during class!  Details below.


Weekday Pilates Class

Mondays at 10 AM
Thursdays at 7:15 PM

Join us Monday mornings and Thursday evenings for Pilates! Whether you are just starting out or have been doing Pilates for years, our instructors will provide options suitable to your needs.


Weekend Pilates 

saturdays at 9am

Core strengthening with Pilates improves your posture, eases tightness and tension from lack of sleep, breast/bottle feeding and baby carrying. In this class, Moms and Dads alike learn simple tricks to ease physical and postural challenges that come with caring for a child.  All levels welcome. No previous Pilates experience required. 


Prenatal Yoga 

Tuesdays & FridAYS at 8am

Expect a combination of active, flowing poses as well as restorative poses to relax and re-energize. Simple breathing and meditation techniques will be introduced. This is the perfect time to foster mindfulness and deepen your awareness of your body. Designed to instill confidence in the innate wisdom of the female anatomy, and to increase peace and ease as you journey through this magical time. All levels welcome. 


Baby and Me Yoga 

Fridays at 9:15am

Tailored for mothers who have recently given birth. Babies who are not yet crawling are welcome in the room with you. This is a time to come together with other mothers, bond with your baby, and sneak in a little yoga too. We invite you to feed, soothe, and change your baby as needed during class.


Hatha Flow Yoga Class

SUndays at 9:30am

Strengthen the Body, Calm the Mind, Open the Heart.  This alignment based yoga class combines active dynamic postures linked to the breath with longer held restorative postures that will leave the student feeling balanced. All levels are welcome in this dynamic, relaxing class.  

The Dia Method®

Reclaim (beginner): Tues @ 12:30pm
10/17, 10/24, 10/31, and 11/7

surpass (advanced): Tues @ 11:30am
10/17, 10/24, 10/31, and 11/7

INtro workshop: Sun 11/19 10:30a-12p

This 4-week class is specifically geared toward women who are seeking to build strength and function. It is ideal for postnatal recovery, and as a vital step toward optimal fitness at any stage (it’s never too late, no matter how old your kids are!). You will learn exercises proven to resolve diastasis recti (abdominal separation) through progressively challenging workouts that tone and define the entire body. 

yoga boot camp

Yoga Boot Camp Flow Yoga Class

Coming Soon.  Please contact us if you're interested in joining the next class!

This unique intensive yoga boot camp is designed to transform the body, elevate your yoga practice, and help you realize a healthier and happier you. This challenging and invigorating process will change your yoga practice and your life!  (No childcare but plenty of early morning parking)

Prenatal Pilates with Preggo

saturdays at 10am

This safe yet challenging prenatal Pilates class focuses on strengthening the abdominals, pelvic floor, upper back and lateral pelvic stabilizers. Learn proper breathing, postural awareness and safe stretches to ease neck and upper back tension, tight hips and aching feet. All levels welcome. No previous Pilates experience necessary. 

“Great for this mama and her little baby girl! I am the first the say: Pilates takes the chubby tummy away. And, they offer babysitting!”

- Mom of a 1 year old


Need Childcare?

Recess offers childcare for $8/hour for Members and $12/hour for Non-Members. Ages 3 months through 4 years.  All of our childcare takes place in the playspace and we maintain a 1:3 ratio (or under) of caregiver to child at all times.  

Kids have a great time while you have some "you time."  Please book ahead, as these spots fill up fast!