The owners are really nice and have created a safe haven for the children and for us parents too! It is very clean and the overall experience of playing here is very comfortable and easy going. I love that they offer classes for children as well as adults. It is the first place I found for our daughter that actually feels like a is really wonderful.
— Angela H.
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Back in 2007, Lisa Nowell and Kristin Jamieson had no idea that a casual conversation would lead to the creation of what many families now call “a warm and wonderful oasis."  

Lisa, an educator, and Kristin, a physical therapist, both believed fervently in the power of play (for everyone, but especially for very young children). They envisioned a place where parents could come, sit down with a cup of coffee and chat with other parents while their kids ran free in a fun and safe indoor space.

For harried working parents worried about the safety of the City’s outdoor playgrounds for their toddlers, Recess is a godsend. For Jamieson, the most rewarding part of her job is “when a parent walks in and is at their wit’s end and says ‘Thank you, I was about to lose my mind. I wouldn’t know what to do if you guys weren’t here.’” Of course, the kids play just as large a role in keeping Jamieson motivated. “It’s hard to have a bad day when there are little people, wanting to come in. It’s such a happy environment, which I feel lucky for every day.
— As quoted in The Potrero View

The idea was so organically good that Recess became a reality just a short time later in the sunny Potrero Hill district of San Francisco.  Since Recess' opening, in January 2008, it has become space to play for nearly 3,000 local families. The Pilates classes, tasty coffee, and good magazines keep parents happy.  Kids have the time of their lives (and burn off energy!) in the huge area dedicated to free play and fun, engaging classes.

And Recess continues to grow and evolve with our community.  Over the years, we have added new parent groups, a fantastic art studio, yoga classes, family concerts, and a retail area for local artists, musicians and authors.  Recess members have described our community center as “paradise” and “a second home."

Honored to have our owner & co-founder, Lisa, in listed as a Bay Area mom (to be) giving back to the community. How...

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Over the years, Recess has been recognized as a unique business in the Bay Area.  We are absolutely humbled by all of the support, kind words, press and awards we've received.  

In 2014, Kristin left Recess to pursue her Physical Therapy work full time.  Lisa continues to own and operate Recess.

If Recess sounds like your kind of place, we’d love for you to join us!