If you are dedicated to creating an awesome community, supporting healthy families,
and having fun…we’d love to meet you!  

An organization like Recess depends on incredible individuals.   

Recess is looking for a vibrant, intelligent people who are quick thinkers and passionate about sharing the benefits of play and community with our clientele. All positions at Recess require an ability to multi-task and handle a variety of responsibilities and situations concurrently.

Recess might be for you if:

· You enjoy a little bit of chaos. You love taking on difficult challenges and finding creative solutions. You are patient, level-headed, and cool under pressure. If you don’t know the answer, you’ll know how to ask, or dig until you find it.

· You communicate clearly. You write well. You speak eloquently. You can explain just about anything to anyone, and you’re comfortable communicating in writing. 

· You pay attention to the details. As far as you’re concerned, anything worth doing is worth doing right, every single time. You stay focused, and nothing falls through the cracks on your watch. Typos, extra spaces, or a missing word? Not you.

· You think on your feet. You like learning new things, and you can adapt quickly. When things change, you know how to roll with the punches. If a process doesn’t work, you can collaborate with others to create one that does.

·You are motivated and curious. You volunteer for new challenges without waiting to be asked. You’re comfortable managing your time and can be counted on to successfully reach goals.



Regardless of your role at Recess, on a typical day you might:

  • Give a tour to a prospective member, offering her tips for choosing the right class or membership for her family along the way
  • Assist a new member with filling out membership documents, and ensure they’re input accurately into our database.
  • Send a member details for organizing their child’s birthday part at Recess.
  • Ensure the space is clean, the furniture is neatly arranged, the coffee is hot and plentiful, and the Internet is humming.
  • Clean up a bucket of small toys that has been carefully strewn across the walkway (twice).
  • Empty the diaper pail.
  • Take stock of retail inventory 



Does this sound like you? If you’re thinking of applying, follow these 2 steps. 

1.  Fill out the online application to introduce yourself 


2.  Email and include the following:

  • cover letter describing why you would be a good fit for Recess and this job (in body of email)

  • a few fun facts about yourself

  • resume (PDF format)

  • write “Join the Recess Team” in the subject line

NOTE:  Initial screening of applicants will be based on the quality, breadth and relevancy of submissions. We will only contact candidates that we wish to schedule an interview with. No phone calls please.


Thank you for your interest in Recess.  
We look forward to connecting with you.


Family Liaison. 

You are the first person a family meets when the come into Recess.  You connect and greet people when they arrive, you ensure that first impressions are positive, you are able to answer questions, provide customized information, and above all welcome parents, children and caregivers to Recess.  

There’s always organizing to be done, tours to be given, families to get to know, and email follow ups to be sent.  You'll also be ready to help out with coffee to be made, messes to be cleaned up, phones to be answered, printers to be un-jammed, the occasional toilet to be plunged, and 1,001 other little details to be attended to. You, along with the entire Recess leadership team, will dive into this stuff with gusto, good humor, and grace. 


Playspace Coordinator, Childcare Provider & Activity Leader (story time, family yoga, messy art & more) 

PLAYSPACE + ACTIVITIES - The cornerstone of Recess is our award winning playspace.  It is designed specifically to allow children to explore based on their interests and learn by doing.  In order to maintain such a space, we work tirelessly to ensure that the toys are clean and organized, that activities are developmentally appropriate and that families are comfortable and informed when they are visiting our space.  

Playspace Coordinators and Kids Activity leaders do it all.  Your role is to create this magical environment for families.  It's the perfect blend of predictable and impromptu. You'll take the lead on cleaning toys, spotting safety issues, organizing supplies and straightening up after a pack of 3 year olds.  You will also spot a group of toddlers who may be interested in listening to a story or engaging in yoga and invite them to participate in an activity.  It is this combination that supports growth and development of children and nurtures the needs of their grown-ups.  

CHILDCARE - Parenting is a tough job, and in order for moms and dads to maintain balance and be the best parents they can be, a break is required every so often. Recess provides childcare for children ages 3 months through 4 years in the playspace. We maintain a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio and offer care for up to 3 hours at a time.

While caring for children, you'll be their play buddy and safety monitor.  Essentially you will be responsible for monitoring the safety of children in your care, following their lead as they play, reading stories, pretending, building and creating with them.  You will also report back to parents regarding children's progress, routines and interest. You'll helping them keep good hygiene, changing diapers/ assist with toilet training, and fix snacks as schedules dictate.  

Do you have experience with kids with special needs?  Let us know!  


Event Planning Assistant & Party Host



Are you a story teller, musician, or teacher interested in volunteering your time for families and children?  We are always looking for talented individuals to share their art. Please contact us!