We are partnering with Parenting Paths to offer online classes!  This means that you can attend the same great parent workshops that you attend at Recess anywhere, and without leaving your house or needing to arrange childcare.  Our hope is to make these valuable tools accessible to all families, parents and caregivers. 

 Login details will be emailed to you after you register.  This is live, and the content is exactly the same as what you’d get at Recess. You’ll have time for Q & A with the instructor throughout the workshop.  

Got preschool on the brain? Many parents are baffled when faced with the search for the perfect preschool. Play based or academic? Montessori, Reggio, or Waldorf? Does getting into the "right" preschool really guarantee a spot in the "right" kindergarten, ensuring a straight path to an ivy league education? What's the difference between a preschool and a daycare and is one better than the other? Whoo! No pressure!

Join Aki Raymer, MA (www.parentingpaths.com) to explore all of these questions and more. Expect to walk away from the class with a clearer idea of what the different philosophies in education, what to look for when touring schools, and what to expect once you begin the application process.

Enroll: Advance Sign-Ups Required

Cost: $38 individual / $58 couple
Recess members get a discount (up to 25%!) on enrollment.