Taking care of yourself, as a parent, is a key ingredient to taking care of your child.  At Recess, you can indulge in Pilates classes, get a break while your little one plays using our In-a-Pinch Childcare, or join in on Saturday Family Yoga.  

Some of our favorite practitioners in San Francisco have teamed up to create a whole weekend around self-care for moms.  Join master teachers Jane Austin, Katie Cariffe & Stephanie Forster May 27-29, 2016 to explore, discover and celebrate all the shifts that occur while you fully embrace motherhood. This weekend includes fabulous food, invigorating exercise, and nourishing lady company. Enjoy Pilates/Yoga and Life Coaching in an inspired framework and caring environment! Slow Down, Tune In, Center, Explore, Restore.  

Does your exercise routine consist of running after your kids holding groceries in one hand and baby in the other? Is your personal time made up of 5 minutes alone in the bathroom? Change it up sister… call your girlfriends, pack your bags and find your center at our Mamas Self Care retreat. You deserve it and we are ready to serve you!

The purpose of the Mamas Self-Care Retreat is to create an inspired framework and caring environment for Moms to connect and replenish. Additionally, this retreat will help you generate a map to navigate a healthy relationship to self-care. Together, we commit to an empowered model of motherhood with self-honoring at its core.

I would say Motherhood is not Martyrdom! Nourish and feed yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for your own wellbeing, of course, and also for the wellbeing of your children. Children learn from example.
— Jane

Check out the 2016 Memorial Day Weekend Mamas Self-Care retreat.  Recess members can save $75 off, using promo code is RECESS75.