Being a new parent is an exciting, exhausting, and magical time. Only you truly know the emotional and physical toll a new baby brings, and what a unique and personal experience it is!

Our Circle of Babies & Moderated playgroups are geared toward supporting you in this journey, whether you've just begun getting to know your new baby, or if you're curious about how to navigate the toddler or preschool years.

Each group includes time to get to know other parents sharing a similar experience as you. You're welcome to bring snacks and beverages to enjoy in our laid back environment, as you take time to nurture yourself and support your child's development.  Join us! 


• Community Fridays •

CIRCLE OF BABIES (0-6mo) 1:30-2:30pm & (6-12 mo) 12-1pm

Join Infant Mental Health specialist (and mommy), Allie, for a weekly playgroup.  In these hour long groups, new mamas and papas are invited to connect and collaborate to work through questions and struggles. You’ll organically meet like-minded parents and begin building your new family’s community, while gaining resources to help support your little one's growth!

Guest speakers relevant to your baby's needs will drop by with specialized areas of focus like sleeping, eating, and self-care.

Circle of babies groups meet in Recess' front studio space.  Playtime at Recess is included with each playgroup session. Feel free to venture in, utilize our kitchen (with bottle warmer, microwave, fridge, etc), and explore the playspace.  

MODERATED PLAYGROUPS (0-4 yrs) 3:30-6pm

Drop in to this playgroup on Fridays, anytime from 3:30-6pm.  Your child will have full run of the playspace, and our roving early child development guru, Amanda Hyer, will be on hand to answer questions about everything from play, sharing, tantrums, sleep, eating and more.  She has a different topic each week, but your questions always take priority.  

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