Interested in incorporating sensory play into your baby's schedule but don't know where to start...


Recent research illustrates that simulating a child's senses can help strengthen neural pathways that are crucial for cognitive growth. Sensory play also strengthens fine motor, gross motor, and social emotional skills while promoting problem solving and speech development. In this twelve week session, parents and caregivers will join their child in exploring sensory play through light, texture, sound, scent, and taste. Come ready to play, investigate, and get messy- we'll take care of the clean up!

WANT TO TRY IT OUT?  We are inviting parents and caregivers to join their child in exploring sensory play through light, texture, sound, and scent at our Infant Explorations demo class on Monday, February 23rd. Come ready to play, investigate, and discover new ways you can engage your child’s senses with every day household items.  Give us a call or email to reserve your spot (space is limited!). 

SIGN UP FOR THE SERIES:  Join us for a 12 week session, on Mondays starting March 3/9 and running through 6/8 (no class 3/30 or 5/25).


get started at home!

Follow the directions below to make your very own sensory ‘squish’ bags!

Sensory ‘Squish’ Bags

What you need:

-Sturdy Ziploc bag 
-Hair gel or Aloe Vera gel                                          
-Food coloring                                                                                                           -Sequins, foam shapes, etc.                                                                                     - Clear packing tape


Fill half of a Ziploc bag with either hair gel or Aloe Vera gel (refrigerate beforehand for an added sensory experience!). Add in a few drops of food coloring along with sequins, foam shapes, or other soft items. Press the air out of the bag before sealing. Reinforce the opening of the bag with clear tape and secure to any flat surface such as a table, window, or floor. Invite your baby to squish the bag for an easy and fun sensory activity.


Have Fun!