On a San Francisco based facebook group, Main Street Mamas (MSM), Recess Member, mother and Nurse, Dana Thompson, recently shared a heartbreaking story about a toddler who choked on a piece of popcorn and later passed away.  

Thompson, also a CPR instructor, didn't only share the story with the MSM community, but she also added that she wanted to share her skills with other local parents so that a tragedy like this does not repeat itself.  In her post, Dana opened up her house to host interested families for coffee and to teach them basics of CPR. But the response was to her offer was overwhelming and she quickly realized that she needed support to be able to meet with all of the folks who expressed interest. 

So, now, Dana's "CPR and Coffee" meet ups are going to be held at Recess. These will be casual meet ups, where we'll have an opportunity to chat, connect with community and learn the basics of chokesaving and CPR.

Busy parents and caregivers who attend will be much more prepared should their child choke or stop breathing. Thompson commented, "I feel giddy that so many people will be trained in CPR!

Together, Main Street Mamas, Recess and especially Dana Thompson, have created a vehicle for sharing knowledge and creating space for parents to come together all in an effort to make these life saving skills a little more accessible to our community.  

Main Street Mamas, led by Vanessa Welstead, is a virtual space for parents to support one another.  Recess is an expansive space in Potrero Hill that provides space for young children to play, grow, socialize and learn along side a host of supports for parents and caregivers. Together, MSM and Recess are thrilled to be make these community meet ups a reality for a larger audience.

If you're in need of a refresher or it's time to learn CPR for the first time, please join us! Recess offers both these casual CPR and Coffee dates and evening/weekend CPR Certification Classes.  Let us know if you need childcare during a coffee & CPR meet up or if you're in need of financial assistance.  We're happy to make it possible for all to attend.