Katherine Frank of Evolution Meals fills us in: Mom had it right all along. Eat your veggies. No denying that's good advice. But yes, it's tough sometimes when there are more delicious options available. Here are some habits you can start that will get you eating more greens without even noticing:

  1. Start with a salad. If you're at a restaurant, get in the habit of always ordering a side salad to start. Or if it's a meal that comes with something starchy like fries, just ask the waiter to substitute a salad. It's worth the extra couple dollars when you think of how much better you'll feel afterward. If you're cooking at home, always have a bag of pre-washed salad greens on hand. If you dont' have any dressing, just whisk together one part lemon juice or balsamic vinegar, two parts olive oil. Throw some nuts on top and you're good to go. I like to eat my salad while I'm cooking my hot dinner, so that  I make sure to finish the whole salad, without being tempted to fill up on possibly more enticing items.
  2. Blend spinach or kale into your next smoothie: Take your favorite berry smoothie recipe, and add a handful of greens. I know it sounds really weird. But I tried one recently, and you really can barely taste it. You won't even notice that you're being so healthy.
  3. Add some to your breakfast routine: I love a good breakfast. My go-to routine is a fried egg, a strip of bacon, and some sauteed spinach with a side of spicy salsa. Sometimes I'll add black beans to the side. It tastes delicious and leaves me full for hours. Usually lunch doesn't cross my mind until 3pm, so I have to remind myself to eat a salad earlier on. It's so easy to add spinach to this breakfast because I already have my fry pan out. Once the bacon is cooked, I pour out almost all of the grease, then add my spinach, and sauté it for about a minute or two. Boom, that's it. Put the spinach on the plate next to the bacon, and fry my egg. It's really that simple, and adds a great source of fiber and calcium.
  4. Dip it: When searching the fridge for an in-between-meals snack, I love freshly pureed hummus, or a good spicy salsa. Instead of buying crackers or chips to dip, just buy veggies like celery, cucumbers, red bell peppers or carrots. You'll be so happy to enjoy your delicious dip that you won't care that you're eating veggies instead of chips.

Katherine Frank is the founder and creator of Evolution Meals, a company that takes pride in delivering fresh meals to the SF Bay Area every Monday afternoon. It's kind of like having a personal chef, just more affordable and convenient!  Learn more at w